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A network security specialist, or a computer security specialist, is a kind of computer administrator that specializes in protecting a company's data and other information. Network security specialists build firewalls, install antivirus software on servers and computers within a network, and monitor networks for breaches in security.

Salary potential of Network Security Professional peaks at $135,600 annually based on a survey of current professionals - Please check the review on the growth potential of Network Security Professionals


MSC11                  Advance Operating Systems      
MSC12                  Advance Computer Networks   
MSC13                  Administering Windows Server
MSC14                  Routing & Switching Technologies
MSC15                  Administering Windows Server (Lab)
MSC16                  Routing & Switching Technologies (Lab)


MSC21                  Telecom Network Management              
MSC22                  Mobile Computing and Communication
MSC23                  Linux Systems Administration   
MSC24                  Server Technologies      
MSC25                  Linux Systems Administration (Lab)        
MSC26                  Parallel Computing Cluster Server (Lab)


MSC31                  Network Security            
MSC32                  Securing Telecom Networks      
MSC33                  Advance Internet of Things Deployment              
MSC34                  Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing    
MSC35                  Internet of Things Deployment (Lab)     
MSC36                  Ethical Hacking & Pentesting (Lab)


MSC41                  Voice over IP    
MSC42                  Wireless Communication             
MSC43                  Securing Linux Networks             
MSC44                  VPN & Storage Area Networks 
MSC45                  Securing Linux Networks (Lab)  
MSC46                  VPN & Storage Area Networks (Lab)

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